Why we are?

Do you ever taste a tiffin from an usual tiffin provider in a city which is located far away from your home town? It is tasty on first day, after a week it is of same taste, too much oil and spicy which is not eatable as regular meal, it is also a problem to have insufficient quantity. It is hard to eat same food daily with same odour and quality. We are also the students who are studying outside our hometown.

Do you ever think that if you have any relative or friend who will make a tiffin for you and give you the good quality food?

Would you like to eat the food cooked by a mother?

We are the one and only tiffin providers in India which are providing the best tiffin services directly from the housewives to the students, bachelor employees and working couples. We are committed to provide the best quality tiffins with different taste everyday.


Commited to provide food with excellent quality.

We understand the importance of quality of food when you are away from your home. We are here to fulfill your need of having food, like home away from home..